RMZ Agricultural Services

RMZ Agricultural Services is a company that has enjoyed tremendous success in the crop production over the past few years. It has three farms that are situated in the Zambezi Region. Horticultural and livestock management is currently being practiced on all the farms. There Agricultural Services college envisages the establishment of an agricultural training Centre with the building already having being acquired in the major town of Katima Mulilo.

This building will be used as the main campus for training students and their attachments will be on the three farms that the company has. This is envisaged to help the Namibian Nation to attain its Harambee Vision and Vision 2030 Goals of improving the livelihoods of the people and communities through providing education and sustainable skills that will empower individuals to be self-sustaining in the future.

Fish Farming
The company works with the local community with a view to develop fish farming business to make it a comprehensive business employing more of Zambezi Regions unemployed youth and also helping bring development to the country and the region.

Market sector
Government, Non- governmental organisations, public and private sector, individuals

Major services
Maize farming, fish farming, Horticulture, Agro-Processing

Government, Non- governmental organisations, public and private sector, individuals, Russian Federation, European Union, SADC

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