RMZ Education Institute


RMZ Education Institute is a Low Cost Private International Educational Institute offering Pre-Primary school, Primary school, Secondary School and a Degree Granting Institute of Higher Education. The Institute aims to provide low cost education to general population of Namibia and beyond while offering scholarships to the previously disadvantaged communities in Namibia. It is the thrust of the Institute to provide an optimal combination of low cost fee paying tuition and fifty percent Scholarships to deserving community members from a mix of orphans and vulnerable children. The Institute offers a lifelong commitment where the beneficiaries are identified from Pre-school through Primary School, Secondary School to University.

The Institute intends to provide a home and a care giving community where beneficiaries develop long term family bonds, shared vision and responsibility. To cement the thrust and equip its graduates to lifelong value and contribution, the Institute offers start up opportunities to its graduates through the RMZ Holdings Private Limited which offers capital and management support to graduates in various fields to start various economic projects. The Company invests in students projects and nature them through subsidiary relationship until the companies become associate companies where the beneficiaries own a majority shareholding. Through this concept, the RMZ Education Institute is able to drive a sustainable agenda of empowerment though sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Schools and Business Units

    1. RMZ International Pre-Primary School
    1. RMZ International Primary School
    1. RMZ International High School
  1. RMZ International Institute

Market sector

Pre-primary, primary and secondary education

Major services



Currently establishing the above-mentioned schools in Namibia.