RMZ Finance and Accounting Services

Company Overview

Reservoir Investments CC as a partner of RMZ Consulting is a premier full service business and financial advisory close corporation catering multi-disciplined fields and industries. It is focused in different accounting fields, business reorganization, auditing, individual business funding requirements, training and has over the years developed a network of experienced professionals who work with the company to meet customer expectations. Reservoir Investments CC has experienced advisors who have provided accounting, tax, financial advisory, strategy from marketing plans to business plans and project management in terms of construction services to numerous satisfied small and midsized companies and close corporations, and high net worth individuals. We are a multi-disciplined close corporation that can pull resources together to address any inherent company problem in line with our core services outlined below.

Our Vision

To be recognized as proactive, results oriented close corporation through its advisors who work in collaboration with their clients to offer excellence in operational, marketing, business strategy and strategic financial management in line with best practices of accounting and auditing as well as offer training to clients to support the achievement of bottom line to diversified small and medium-sized businesses in Namibia

Our Mission

To make available to small and mid-sized businesses, the business advisory solutions and expertise typically only available to large well capitalized companies, enabling them to achieve their long-term financial, economic and operational vision to attain a return on investment to the shareholders.

Why Us: Our Team of Advisors

We have acquired skills in our outsourced services above to different industrial areas that span from construction (in whatever form i.e. low cost housing, flats, residential properties, sectional titles, hostels accommodation, fuel stations, hotels accommodation, servicing and construction of water and sewer to meet town regulations), hotel and lodges management and control, manufacturing industries, advertising and marketing, energy power plants (solar, hybrid, diesel, wind), integrated town planning and land use, property management and project consultations and management. These skills have enabled us to improve company efficiencies as well as align business strategies to suite the vision and mission of different companies as well as draw up financial projections that are in line with business strategy. In addition, we are connected to different funding investors across the globe who are willing to invest upon due diligence of certain business ideas that are lacking funding but have prospects to give a return on investment to the shareholders.

How We Work

Step1: Define your needs Collaborate and develop a solution Efficiency and improved performance

Step 2: Company References

Step 3: Contact Name & Number

  • Humba Creatives & Associates CC – Gladys – 085 129 7382
  • Sovereign Properties – Naftal – 081 287 2447
  • Protea Hotels Namibia – Loreen – 081 390 9067
  • Saunderson Auditors & Accountants – Edington – 081 479 8003
  • Seven Sirs Construction – Alvin – 081 436 3204
  • Topaz Investments CC – Fanuel – 085 361 8591
  • Robphine Investments CC – Robert – 081 129 3137
  • Cadre Construction – Justice – 081 303 6928
  • Leap Holdings – Ally – 081 292 9220
  • Shamrock Holdings – Uaatavi – 081 124 1749
  • Ministry of Finance-Large Tax Payer Office – Aaron – 081 727 8101

Fortune Risk and Insurance Management Institute

The Fortune Risk and Insurance Management Institute is an initiative that undertakes to service the Namibian market through the offering of financial services and short term and long term insurance courses in Namibia. The institute aims to close the gap that exists in financial services skills sector through the establishment of strategic franchised services with major financial and institutional players in the world market

Market sector

Government, Non- governmental organizations, public and private sector, individuals

Major services

Financial services, insurance services, actuarial sciences, risk management, compliance and advocacy advisory services

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