RMZ Holdings (Proprietary) Limited


The  RMZ Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the ultimate engine for growth, development and Investment strategy of the RMZ Institute. The RMZ Business model is centered around a self-sustaining model where learning must translate into a direct deliverable and entrepreneurial initiatives. The Company supports the Institute  and the schools as various business  strategic thrusts . The RMZ Holdings supports these schools by providing an incubation and a hub for entrepreneurial projects where RMZ Holdings invest in ideas and innovation initiatives of the schools into projects and companies that it co-own and manage with its students and entrepreneurial minds within its institutions. RMZ Holdings identifies and creates opportunities within its institutions which are developed into bankable projects and companies that will contribute to the economic agenda for the country. The company provides seed capital, human capital and project management skills to its identified student led projects and transforms the companies from subsidiaries to associate companies managed by its graduates and alumni. The Company will continue to be an engine for growth and investment into various tragic areas of the economy. The Company in its 10 year strategic growth and development strategy will continue to be a leading social entrepreneurial business model in Namibia and the Region.